Commercial Model: How to Promote Yourself

Now that you have discovered your modelling potential, what are you going to do about it? Well, the internet is a great platform to start your search for commercial modelling contracts.

Online Marketing Strategies that will get you a Commercial Model Contract
High fashion modelling seems to get all the attention, more so because of the millions invested by brands and other stake holders in the fashion industry.

Nevertheless, you can also try commercial modelling. A commercial model works for brands, promoting products and services.

Here are ways to get your face closer to the leading model scouts around the world.

Build a brand on Instagram
A top model like Cara Delevigne’s Instagram fan base is as large as the population of Kenya while Kendall Jenner’s IG account has a fan base that is as large as the combined population of at least two East African countries.

Most of the Instagrammers masquerading as followers are obviously trolls, but it doesn’t matter because when Kendall posts a picture in a simple dress, while sitting on a floor, about 3 million Instagrammers double tap. There’s no reason for advertisers to ignore the following she commands.

To improve your reach on Instagram,
• Use hashtags that get your content on the top of the hashtag results. For example, #fashion, #modelling, #modellingalways, #photoshoot, and #instamodel sound great but they are too general. Additionally, such hashtags have thousands of posts in a minute, so your post might not make it to the top search results of the hashtag. Use hashtags of modelling agencies and talent scouts you would like to attract.
• Take professional photographs not selfies.
• Take advantage of simple outings and events to diversify your content. A day out with girlfriends or a beach holiday in Mombasa can provide awesome content for Instagram.

Build a brand on Facebook
On Facebook, you have two options. You can use your personal account or create a page. On a personal profile (account):
• When you exhaust the 5,000 friends limit, more people can follow your posts.
• You have a personal interaction with industry leaders and friends who support your modelling career. Constructive opinions of friends you trust can help you improve your brand as a model. Your posts can include everyday activities that portray your life outside the modelling world.

On a fan page:
• You can have more than 5,000 friends.
• Your posts focus on your modelling career only as opposed to mixing personal and professional stuff.
• A page has an analytics tool to gauge the impact of your posts, images, etc. You can tell posts that reached a larger audience.
• You can add a photographer or your personal assistant as administrators of your page to respond to comments, post and approve comments on your behalf.
• You can promote your page through Facebook advertising to attract more people to it.
Hence, if you want to turn your modelling activities into a lucrative career, you need a fan page. Ajuma Nasenyana’s page is a great example. It has over 10,000 fans. Learn a thing or two about the modelling world from her page. It has a link pointing to her Modelling agency, and links to pages she likes on Facebook.

Her content is diverse, from direct posts on Facebook to screenshots of her posts on Instagram, and video content. Her content ranges from the catwalk to days hanging out with friends, and being a mother. Other pages to motivate you are Tyra Banks, Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bündchen and Heidi Klum’s pages. They all have over 4 million fans. Start low, but aim high.

Publish your portfolio on a blog
Your blog can be strictly professional, with enlarged pictures from various photoshoots. Alternatively, you can give some life to it by documenting your everyday style, the places you have been to as a model, and your hobbies. Since you want to be a commercial model, why not allow potential clients to see how you fair in different settings?

You don’t need a degree in IT or journalism to run a blog. Once you have the blog ready, invite your friends and also share the blog with your community on social media. Blogging is liberal: you can post as often as you like and there’s no limit to the type of content to publish on a blog.

For inspiration, visit the blogs of models like Emanuela de Paula (Manu by Manu) and Adrianne Ho (Sweat the Style).

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