What Business to Do in Kenya with KSh1,000

Are you looking for an idea of a business to start with KSh1,000? I have compiled a few ideas here. For all business ideas below, marketing should be by word of mouth, or through your personal Facebook account, to limit expenses.

  1. Mobile nail art services.  All you need is the skill and a variety of nail care products. The nail polish and nail art products cost less than KSh1, 000.
  2. Hair braiding from a work station in someone’s salon or by visiting clients at home. You only need braiding skills and a comb (it costs less than KSh50). A customer will buy the braids, weave or other product needed. For work stations, you agree on a cost sharing ratio with the salon owner. It can be on a 60-40 or 40-60 ratio.
  3. Affiliate marketing for ecommerce stores like Kilimall through your personal social media account. You only need internet bundles.
  4. Selling earrings and bangles by buying them at KSh20 and retailing at about KSh30 – Ksh35.
  5. Selling mitumba items like socks and ladies tops. Such mitumba costs as low as KSh10 per item so you can make 100% profit out of each item sold.
  6. Selling combs, hair bands, hair pins and other grooming accessories. Most of these items cost about KSh20 wholesale so your Ksh1,000 will buy a variety of such items.

If you have been looking for small business ideas in Kenya with a small capital investment, now you have a few to get you started.

What do you think?

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