8 Small Business Ideas to Start from Home

Thinking about investing in the fashion industry from home? The fashion world is indeed a competitive industry, but there is no reason for you to forgo the chance to turn your passion into a profitable side (or main) hustle. Working from home eliminates overheads like rent, and you work when/how you want. You also have flexible working hours.

Here are 10 interesting small business ideas that can blossom into profitable fashion businesses in Kenya.

  1. Start an online shop

According to the Communications Authority, the number of domains registered, through Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC), increased by 13% from January to March 2016, compared to the number of domains registered in the same period the previous quarter. Whether these are brands or personal websites being launched, there is a significant growth in Kenya’s web world. There is so much you can sell online as long as you understand the needs of your target market and find the best products for them. Your online store can sell clothes, beauty accessories or even hair care products. You have to develop an efficient delivery system to transport products from your home to clients within the shortest time possible. Additionally, an online store needs social media to push products and services offered on the website to the masses who frequent social media platforms every minute.

  1. Become a fashion stylist

You might have to leave the comfort of your home once in a while to offer your fashion styling services, for instance, when there is a photo shoot on-location. For some fashion stylists, it started as a hobby and through practice and a desire to learn they became leading fashion stylists in the country. Fashion styling opportunities include working for professional photography studios, magazines and bloggers. Learn a thing or two about hair and beauty and you become the go-to person.

  1. Become a fashion business consultant

If you have the experience or professional training in fashion, offer business insights. You can also assist sellers adjust their strategies to suit the market. Your consultancy services can also extend to social media marketing, logistics and distribution.

  1. Become an affiliate marketer

Search for local and international affiliate programs, read the terms and conditions of service, then register and start earning. Affiliate marketing requires basic skills in writing if you want to write reviews or digital marketing content. You also need a website/blog or social media accounts. If your affiliate marketing strategy involves videos, get professional videography services or learn how to do it yourself. You can also act as an affiliate, by assisting online users find what they are looking for easily. For instance, create a website that aggregates fashion discounts from different e-commerce brands.

  1. Start a clothing/shoe line

Run a home-based business as a fashion designer. If you have the talent, whether you love designing haute couture or pieces for the mass market, start today.

  1. Become a fashion blogger

Fashion blogging is spreading through the internet circles like a wildfire. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to run a fashion blog; get a blog designed, write interesting content, get the right images and update your content regularly. You also need good research skills to evaluate trends and analyse your website as often as possible.

You can also work for existing bloggers as a content creator, or for a fashion magazine.

  1. Make cosmetics at home

Make customised cosmetics that suit the Kenyan market and find a retail outlet. When making cosmetics for the mass market, you need clearance from a number of national bodies, and the right qualifications in cosmetology or any other related field. The most popular products are home remedies for various beauty related issues such as a dry face, dandruff and acne. Suzie Wokabi is the benchmark when it comes to starting a beauty products line made by a Kenyan, for the African market.

  1. A social media strategist for e-commerce companies

Work from home, as a social media manager for a fashion e-commerce business. For this, you need to know the dynamics of various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, you need excellent analysis skills, and know how to use tools like Hootsuite.

With these small business ideas, find your jour de vivre, and turn it into a profitable home-based fashion business.

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    thank you for your advices now i am ready to start my business

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      You are welcome

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