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8 Quick Facts about the Fashion Industry

1. Notably, fashion weeks take place in the world’s fashion capitals. Top designers and fashion houses use the week-long events to showcase their collections to retailers, buyers and fashion media. These events also highlight the leading trends in the fashion industry around the world. The world’s top fashion weeks are

  • New York Fashion Week
  • London Fashion Week
  • Milan Fashion Week
  • Paris Fashion Week

2. The world’s fashion calendar has two main seasons that are

  • Spring/summer – Mainly occurs in September to October, showing collections that will retail in spring.
  • Fall/Winter – Mainly occurs in February and March, to display collections that retail in winter.

3. Pre-fall is another season that is slowly getting onto the fashion calendar, and it mostly refers to collections exhibited after spring but before the fall collections hit the runway. In most cases, pre-fall is a sneak-peak of what designers are working on for fall. Pre-fall collections are exhibited in January while the Resort collections are in May.

4. One of the oldest fashion events is the New York Fashion Week, which first took place in 1943.

5. The first Milan Fashion Week took place in 1958, Paris Fashion Week in 1973, and the London Fashion Week in 1984.

6. The London Fashion Week is held twice annually, in February and September. This high-end fashion gala hosts over 5000 attendees that include media and potential buyers. The public get a glimpse of the glitz and glamour during a London Fashion Weekend, held at the same venue, as soon as the London Fashion Week is over.

7. The New York Fashion Week’s first event was called Press Week, and it was organised when fashion enthusiasts could not travel to Paris because of the war. It was a double blessing for American designers because they shone after years of being unnoticed by fashion journalists.

8. The New York Fashion Week takes place in February and September annually. It consists of a series of events and it often takes about 7 to 9 days.

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