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5 ways to Get Outfits to Feature on your Blog

The crux of fashion blogging is style. To fill your fashion pages with posts about your style, you need outfits. Here are five legitimate ways to get outfits to feature on your blog.

  1. Buy

Gather a variety of outfits from different stores. There are many budget-friendly stores if you don’t have much to spend, or you could start with pre-owned outfits from flea markets. Remember, fashion is style so make whatever ensembles you have in your wardrobe reflect your style. Street wear is exceptionally cheap, and it attracts more blog visits.

  1. Borrow

If you have a friend who owns accessories or apparel that could complement your style, borrow. It is okay to go shopping in your mum’s or sister’s closet once in a while. That’s what families are for, right?

  1. Design

It doesn’t mean you need a fully-fledged fashion design studio. Design on paper, get the fabric, and head to a tailor. You could even customise pieces you own already. For instance, that denim jacket you haven’t worn recently could do with some kitenge embellishments, and how you do it will make an excellent DIY blog post.

  1. Promote

A while back, I was writing for a local fashion hair magazine, and we would dress our cover model in outfits from a leading store in Nairobi. The only requirement was indicating the source/price of the items on the magazine. Approach a local store and request to take a few outfits during your shoot. However, you must return the items, and ensure they have no make-up stains.

  1. Rent

If you don’t have anything to wear, and just a little cash, rent a dress.  Search for Rent a Dress Kenya page on Facebook. From the photo album of available dresses, find what’s appropriate for you, reserve it, and it will be delivered. There’s a KSh 5,000 insurance fee in case of damages.

Now you have no reason to shy away from starting a fashion blog. We want to see your style, and see how you turn existing trends into your style.

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