5 Easy Smoothies that don’t Need a Blender

There are so many ideas we want to try in our kitchens but we lack electrical appliances. Baking, mixing and roasting require a number of appliances. However, if you are a creative soul that doesn’t believe in limitations, there’s a way to try some easy smoothie recipes without using a blender.  Instead of a blender use a sieve, mwiko (cooking stick) or a whisk.

Homemade smoothies are more nutritious than the ones in the supermarket for a number of reasons. First, you know what’s in your cup. Second, you control the amount of each ingredient in your smoothie. Third, you don’t need preservatives because you take the smoothie immediately or a few hours later. A bonus reason to invite you into the homemade smoothie squad is the fact that you can add honey instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

These are some of the smoothie recipes I want to try without a blender.

1. Yoghurt – banana

Yoghurt culture is excellent for the gut and it also contains calcium. Instead of plain yoghurt, add a ripe, smashed banana and you have something healthy from breakfast or mid-morning snack. The small bottle of yoghurt goes for about Ksh50 in Kenyan cities and there’s too little yoghurt in there to sustain you until your next meal. Therefore, adding a banana thickens it and it will stay in your stomach longer.

2. Banana – peanut butter

Just a little peanut butter, such as one to two tablespoons, is enough to mix with a smashed ripe banana. It might be too thick, so you can add a few tablespoons of fresh milk.

3. Banana – fresh milk

Smash a banana and add fresh milk. Whisk the mixture into a good smoothie.

4. Avocado – banana

Smash the two fruits together or separately and then whisk them together.

5. Avocado – mala (fermented milk)

I want to try this one soon. I love mala. Since avocados are almost always available in the market, I am eager to add some creativity to my mug of mala.

I’ll update this post once I try out these five smoothie recipes without using a blender. If you make them before I do, please leave a comment and a picture of the smoothie. Yes?

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